Full suspension 250w mid drive fat bike

£1,799.00 Availability: Available to back order

The e-bikz full suspension fat bike is the ultimate all terrain eating monster. The increased traction and cushioning effect from the over sized tyres allow the bike to power through mud, sand , snow and anything else that comes it’s way.The downsides of a non-electric fat bike are the heavier weight and increased rolling resistance of the tyres meaning greater effort required from the rider to power the bike. The addition of the powerful motor now makes the increased effort required irrelevant . The 250W Bafang Max Mid Drive Motor is the very latest in electric bike technology and is far superior to a hub drive motor when it comes to tackling off road riding conditions and steep hills. The mid drive motor continueosly measures relevant information via a torque sensor and two speed sensors which feeds through to the controller providing effortless power to assist the rider as and when required. Despite the generous power on tap and maximum torque output of over 80N.m the motor operates in almost complete silence. 

Fat tyre trike 250w 36v

£1,799.00 Availability: Available to back order

The ultimate fully UK legal off road trike with cargo basket and fat tyres to power through mud, sand and snow. This trike is ideal for the cyclist who needs to carry heavy loads and due to the three wheels is also perfect for those riders who require extra support where they might find it difficult to balance on a regular two wheel bike.

With its easily adjustable handlebars and suspension seat post this trike will suit all sizes and can carry up to 25 stones.

36v 250w Bafang front wheel motor

36v 10.4ah Samsung battery

Tektro mechanical disc brake.

7 speed shimano gears

800S LCD digital display with 5 assist levels

Mozo front suspension fork
Front 24*4.0 kendra fat tyre Rear 20*4.0 kendra fat tyre
Led head light

Max speed 15.5mph
Range 25 miles with full pedal assist and up to 50 miles on lowest pedal assist.


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